Our Mission

To transform organizations by engaging staff through aligning thinking, to access potential and create exciting possibilities & innovative results.  We believe that transformation is possible when people are engaged by aligning their thinking and feel they are an integral part of the journey of an organization.

Our Scope

We work in the training and facilitation space, specializing in Edward De Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’  and presenting skills. Our focus is on empowering teams to align their thinking in order to align their action to produce meaningful results.  We work with a variety of organizations and industries, providing training in De Bono’s methodologies and also using his tools to facilitate strategy, ideation and executive meetings.

Verity Price: Innovator

Founder of TAP Results, Verity is a trainer, facilitator and keynote speaker. A former singer/songwriter, she gained acclaim for an innovative approach to the music industry where she sold an album online that 'didn't exist' after using the Six Hats to work out how to raise funding. Her story has been featured on Journey To The Core and Carte Blanche, and is also included in the HSBC ‘Top 100 Business Ideas’ in the UK.

As an accredited Edward De Bono Six Thinking Hats trainer and with a degree in Psychology and Anthropology, Verity works across South Africa to enable companies to innovate, problem solve and gain the competitive edge in their industries. Alongside training of De Bono’s methods, she also facilitates strategic and team alignment sessions.

She is a sought after keynote speaker on innovation, positive productivity & personal success.

"I realised through this, that as a team, we all think very much alike and have similar goals and thatwe can achieve so much more by working together and relying on each other. "

- Christine Dahl, Sanlam -

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