Keynote Presentations:

Looking for inspiration and entertainment at your next event? Here are three themes to consider, from a speaker who has been inspiring audiences across South Africa and Europe for the last nine years.

Thinking Ahead Of The Crowd...

They say the future belongs to the men and women who build bridges in their imaginations, far ahead of the crowd…

If you believe that, then you know that the ability to think differently about the present, in order to create success in the future, is a number one priority for organizations right now. If you have big goals and are hoping for different results in your business – then this talk is for you.

As one of the first online crowd funders in the world, singer/songwriter Verity has shared this entertaining keynote across South Africa and Europe, and it never fails to deliver as she shares lessons learned as an entrepreneur & innovator.

Her message is one for everyone – extraordinary problems require extraordinary thinking, and great ideas only achieve great success when you ACT on them.

"The feedback at our Innovation Day was overwhelmingly positive, and Verity’s talk was described as the cherry on the cake."

- Louise Tucker, Sanlam -

"An astonishing story told with honesty, humility and humour. It’s an honour to hear Verity speak."

- Robyn Young, Brandheart -

                                                                    Activating Positive Productivity...

Did you know that only 25% of your success is determined by your IQ and skills? Makes you realize, that what causes 75% of success is something worth finding out doesn’t it?

With a degree in Psychology Verity entertains audiences across South Africa with this game changing talk on how to activate the ‘happiness advantage’ in your life and business.

Drawing on the latest research and personal experiences, she explores scientific findings that prove how a positive brain, directly creates positive results. Better yet, she gives easy to follow, fool proof daily changes, that if you try them, can lead to significantly increasing your happiness and productivity.

This talk outlines just how to do that, and is supported with a follow up 21 Day Happiness Challenge that delegates can roll out together.

"This presentation is backed up by stats, facts and science, that are all brilliantly spiced up with Verity’s personality and humour."

- Auborn, Raw & Roots -

"I measure the quality of presentations by the actionable items that emerge as take-homes. If a presentation does not inspire real, concrete actions, then it does not have real value to me. When measured on this scale, Verity's presentation ranks among the top. She is a real pro."

- Carel Hauptfleish, GSM -

Personality:Helping or Hindering You?

It’s said that your personality is the jail your soul is born into, and your life’s work is to transcend it’s bars…

Let’s be honest, personality clashes are a reality that affects teams on a daily basis, and we all know how that kills productivity. This hilarious keynote, that saw Verity place second in Southern Africa for Humorous Speaking in 2012, takes audiences on her journey of getting to grips with the various aspects of herself, and the havoc they play when she’s not paying attention.

It’s honest, self-depreciating and super entertaining, as she unpacks the different personality styles that play out in people’s daily lives & interactions. 

An informative, enlightening and hugely entertaining look at how our personalities can either hinder or help our success in life...

“I was inspired by her journey to reflect on my own journey into self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love! I felt privileged to be let into her world”

- Lizl Gernetszky, Two Oceans -

"Listening to Verity is like being sprinkled with glitter. Something magical and unexpected occurs, & the effect is left with you for a long time after. Her work really sticks!"

- Kathy English-Brower -

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