Present With Power: TRAINING

A number one skill needed in businesses today, is the ability to communicate ideas with power and passion. How much of your business is being lost due to ineffective presentations?

This 6 - 8 week Present With Power Course is designed and tailored for people needing to improve their public speaking. It provides the "how-to" and the practical experience so critical to progress and draws on material from Toastmasters and TED talks, to inspire participants to find their voice and present their ideas with power.

Who Should Attend?

  • Teams and individuals needing to improve their presenting skills
  • Sales and marketing people who want to take their pitching skills to the next level
  • Employees who require confidence building
  • Leadership teams wanting to develop inspiring communication opportunities

Workshop Outcomes

  • Improved speaking & presenting skills
  • Improved confidence
  • An atmosphere of professional camaraderie
  • Mentoring and guidance from a national Toastmasters speaking and evaluations champion

Workshop Objectives

  • Organizing and delivering prepared speeches
  • Improving spontaneous speaking ability
  • Prepare a number of speeches in quick succession
  • Increasing their confidence in front of an audience
  • Giving and receiving immediate feedback
  • Developing their leadership potential
  • Learning how not to cause death by Power Point

“This program was just wonderful !We are going to be running it every year as part of our CIB Leadership Program.”

- Aradhana Bageloo, Leadership & Learning, Standard Bank -

"I love the time to practice in a safe space! Your encouragement, and personal way of being, is just beautiful – I so value how you share this!”

- Sue Ras, Head of Marketing, WWF -

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