Experience has shown us that the closer people are to the origination of an idea, the more likely they are to act on it, and that nothing aligns teams faster than including them in envisioning a way forward together.  We find that using the Six Hats along with the Balanced Scorecard as a way to focus thinking for strategy sessions, is invaluable to our clients, and is a powerful way to ensure buy-in from every member of a team.

"Working with Verity was incredible. She has great energy and helped to shift the way our team tackled obstacles." (Lida, Eneratis)

Who Should Attend?

  • Executive teams
  • Management teams
  • Entire small businesses

Workshop Outcomes

  • Compelling vision and strategic direction
  • Clear action points defined and scorecards created for Financial, Customer, Internal Operations and Learning and Growth perspectives
  • Buy - in from every member of a team on the
    agreed action plan
  • All thinking captured and collated into a visual strategy document

Workshop Objectives

  • Journey as a team through a powerful
    strategic alignment process
  • Create a compelling and shared strategic vision
  • Identify information pertinent to achieving
    that vision
  • Outline missing information and set action
    points to obtain it
  • Agree on strengths and values to take
  • Acknowledge existing weaknesses and risks
  • Problem solve areas of concern
  • Discover innovative ways to move forward
  • Agree on shared values and behaviours to support success

"Verity steered us in the right direction, by focusing our minds & attention to the real problems, and in doing so allowed us to resolve complex issues in a fun & interactive manner. I would recommend TAP to any large corporate looking to foster closer collaboration for their senior team."

- Hein Du Plessis, Eqstra - 

“An absolutely unbelievable experience using a great process and driven by the most professional and knowledgeable facilitator I have come across in my many years of attending strategy sessions!”

- Frans Kruger, CEO Questek - 

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