Want Improved Innovation & Productivity?

Only when a team is aligned in their thinking will they be able to align their action to produce meaningful results. The difference between mediocre and highly effective teams lies in their abilities to think and how well they work together and present their ideas.

Innovation Training

Skill your team with tools to help them innovate and keep up with the rate of change...

“This course was incredibly useful and insightful. It provides great structure and direction for interactions in the workplace. I believe that if applied that an individual will gain perspective on how to drive efficient meetings that will attain results.”  (Gavin Seymour , Vodacom)

Strategy Sessions

Align your team with a fresh approach to setting strategic direction and achieving objectives...

"What an UNBELIEVABLE experience!  It opened up new ways of doing things, changed our outlook on our approach and gave us a mission, vision and goals! Truly worth it!  We are doing great as a team/company and reaching targets and staying motivated!" (Lana Van Wyk, Enartis)

Present With Power

Build your teams ability to speak and present with power and passion...

This course was more helpful than I imagined – it even improved my writing. The whole group blossomed from Verity’s outstanding facilitation, plus the time to practice our public speaking and storytelling in a safe space!”   (Sue Ras, Communications Manager, WWF)

Keynote Talks

Inspire your audience with powerful keynotes on innovation, productivity, success and leadership...

"South Africa need stars like Verity, who are always ready to reflect their light to brighten the lives of others!" (Rre Litheko , CEO IPM)

"Listening to Verity is like being sprinkled with glitter." (Kathy English-Brower)

"TAP opened up a new vision and purpose and allowed every single person in the company to understand exactly what is needed to achieve and deliver”
–David Horner, MD, Auto F&I

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