Lead For Innovation

Half, One and Two Day Workshops ideal for teams and conferences
In an uncertain world, with disruption across every industry as we try to navigate COVID19 - the ability to think differently is crucial if businesses are to thrive in an ever changing landscape.

This fast-paced, interactive and experiential workshop, helps to build creative potential and improve the way teams think and problem solve together.  The program is geared to help teams discover a way forward with strategic and lateral thinking tools that enhance collaboration, problem solving and innovation.

The session allows individuals to uncover their thinking style and understand the value and impact it can have on team dynamics and decision making.  Team members then unpack the effect of stress and hostility on creativity, before exploring various tools and models for enhanced collaboration and innovation. 

Participants engage with each other through energizing games that are designed not only to embed the tools but also improve connections between team members.   However, the true value in the workshop lies in facilitated thinking workshops on current business issues so that delegates can walk away with solutions and action plans to implement in the business.

This workshop can be run virtually or in person.


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