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Think Ahead Of The Crowd

A keynote exploring how to radically change the way you think about obstacles in order to access powerful innovative thinking & exciting results far ahead of the crowd. 

 Journey with Verity as she unpacks her experience of becoming one of the world's first online crowd-funders and shares the strategic thinking approach she used and the lessons learned when it comes to pioneering a new idea and navigating resistance and obstacles along the way.

A story that has been featured at TEDx and in numerous local and international documentaries. Join the thousands of people across South Africa and Europe who have loved this talk. It never fails to inspire, educate and entertain.

"I've been hosting high quality speakers for over ten years on my platforms and Verity Price is confidently one of the best speakers we've ever had on our stage!"  
  Fred Roed I CEO Heavy Chef


Inconvenience: The Disruption our Future Needs

A keynote exploring the devastating effect of single use plastic on the planet and the opportunities for change, creativity & innovation that it is presenting businesses with.

Born out of a TEDx talk, this keynote is helping organisations
to rethink their relationship to all things single use and empower staff to collaborate and find creative solutions for reducing plastic in head offices and in business offerings.

As a lateral thinking expert with a passion for making positive
changes in businesses, Verity explores the opportunity for
innovation and creativity that this crisis is presenting, and how
we can disrupt our ways of doing things in order to give our
future a chance.

"Her plain speaking truth will leave you    with plenty to think about. I recommend    this to anyone who lives on this planet!“
  Lorraine Steyn, Mensa


Positive Productivity

A keynote exploring the science behind success, happiness and optimism and how to activate positive productivity and increased well being in your life. 

Drawing on the latest research, explore scientific findings that prove how a positive brain & positive daily habits, directly creates positive results.

Better yet, Verity gives you easy to follow, fool proof daily changes, that lead to significantly increased happiness and productivity.

Have your audience entertained by this game changing talk and take on Verity's 21 Day Optimism Challenge to ensure they embed the lessons learned.

“The amazing Positive Productivity talk you    did at our roadshow changed so many lives    including mine!”
  Tim Upton, Harcourts


Own The Future:  Brain Strategies For Success

A keynote exploring how the quality of your thinking, affects the quality of your life and how to move from reacting to circumstances and start creating them.

This dynamic and entertaining talk unpacks the role that the Limbic and Reticular Activating systems play in your day to day life and how quickly they can help or hinder your success. Audiences are exposed to the power of their minds and how to easily harness their own creative potential.

Drawing on exciting research and inspiringcase studies, this is another game changing talk that concludes with Verity's 21 Day Optimism Challenge to ensure you can embed the lessons learned.

“Verity has immense skill and presence as a    speaker and her material is enough to kick    start behavioural shifts in anyone!”
  Annie Hanekom, The T Room

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