Lead Your Strategy

One, Two or Three Day Workshops ideal for  executive & management teams
As you navigate the uncertainty and disruption brought on by COVID-19, you need to ask if your old strategy is still relevant, or if you need to adapt it?

Strategy expert Nicola Tylerasserts that "the closer people are to the origination of an idea, the more likely they are to act on it."  In our experience, when it comes to delivering on your strategy, nothing aligns teams faster than including them in envisioning a way forward together.  Our approach of using strategic thinking tools along with the Balanced Scorecard as a way to focus thinking for strategy sessions, is invaluable to our clients, and is a powerful way to ensure buy-in from every member of a team. 

Our workshops and strategy review sessions are designed to allow time to review your existing strategy and objectives and assess strengths, weaknesses and new ideas.  Teams then envision the way forward and create a unified team vision of what success looks like as well as create agreed terms and slogans for strategic themes that they all resonate with.

From there we start bedding down strategic objectives and goals, creating scorecards and outlining actions and accountability across the business. If time is needed to think deeply on certain issues, we then facilitate problem solving and innovation workshops to ensure that your strategy has actionable plans to implement.

Our sessions are all captured and collated into a final visual document to ensure that none of the thinking is lost and that can be the blueprint for your strategy.

These workshops are tailored for each client and can be run virtually or in person.


Clients We've Facilitated Strategy Sessions For

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